Graham Kirk, New Zealand
Prints Available for Sale in limited editions of 20 to 100.
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Supergirl in Carrington Road Wonderwoman and the Golden Gate Bridge

Marilyn Monroe at Lake Mangamahoe Tarzan and the Stony River Wonderwoman - a dance for Taranaki

Catwoman With Blue Bag Catwoman in Wiremu Road

Rupert and Algy in Carrington Road Princess Diana

Wonderwoman and the Otaraoa Tunnel Fish Catwoman in Parnell

Wonderwoman in Manners Sreet Tintin, Captain Haddock and Snowy on Ngariki Road Batman and Robin
and Mount Taranaki

Nastassja Kinski in Wiremu Road

The Phantom in the Craigieburn Range Batman and Robin and The Provincial Hotel, Napier Wonderwoman and Light Over Okato

Bad Fracking News for Muppet Neighbourhood The Phantom at Sentinel Beach

Tintin and Captain Haddock in Oeo Road Kermit - Headed South Te Kuiti House on a Hill

Sir Edmund Hillary - 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay and Mount Taranaki Backbeach Wave

Marilyn Monroe In Ponsonby Road Mr Spock in Great North Road

Marilyn Monroe in Devon St Supergirl and Mount Taranaki Jane Russell in Marjoribanks St

Batwoman in Queen Street Batman on Oriental Parade

Batman and the Catholic Church Batman & Robin in Pukekura Park Batman and St Josephs Cathedral

Batman in Wellington Batman at Te Papa

Batman and the Iguacu

Batman in Franklin Rd Batman in Gore Batman & Robin in Vivian St

Batman in Jervois Road Batman and the Terrace Tunnel

Batman and Catwoman in Taranaki The Phantom and Pencarrow Head The Phantom and Harbour Cone

The Phantom in Anzac Avenue The Phantom in Herne Bay

The Phantom in Port Chalmers The Phantom in Karangahape Rd

The Phantom and the Frackers The Phantom in Wanganui The Phantom and the Hawera Water Tower

The Phantom at the Britomart The Phantom and the Civic

Rupert and Friends in View Street, Dunedin Rupert Descending into Auckland Rupert, Podgy Pig and
Saint Patrick's Church, Okato

Rupert and the Dunedin Railway Station Rupert in Princes Street

Rupert and the Rollidor Rupert Descending into Wellington Rupert in Queen Street

Rupert, Rosalie and the Sarjeant Gallery Rupert on the Waitemata Rupert in Dominion Road

Rupert in Jervois Road Auckland

Rupert and the Wise Goat Rupert on Carrington Road Rupert over Back Beach

Rupert and Friends on Marsland Hill Rupert and Willie Mouse in Symonds Street Rupert in Portabello

Superman in Old Government House Grounds Auckland Superman in Centre City New Plymouth

Superman Over Port Taranaki Superman and Al's Pie Cart (Stratford)

Superman and Guildford House Superman and the White Hart Hotel Superman Over Symonds Street

Superman in Picton Street Superman in Great North Road

Superman at Back Beach Superman, Lois Lane and Case House

Superman over Queen Street Superman and the Hawera Water Tower Superman and York Terrace Flats

Superman and Wanganui Hills Superman over Breaker Bay

Superman in Currie Street Superman and Saint Mary of the Angels Superman over Devon Street

Superman and the Lion Brewery Superman in Auckland Night Sky

Tarzan in Upper Queen Street Tarzan in Victoria St. Auckland Catwoman in Ponsonby

Tintin and Captain Haddock in Cuba St Captain Haddock and the Hawera Water Tower Tintin Diving near Motoroa Island

Tintin and Captain Haddock on the New Plymouth Walkway     Tintin, Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus near Piopio Tintin and Captain Haddock in Selby Street Herne Bay

Karangahape Road Wonderwoman Over Mount Eden

Wonderwoman in Queen St Wonderwoman in Parliament St Wonderwoman at Back Beach

Wonderwoman and the Central Theatre Wonderwoman and the Wanganui Cosmopolitan Club Wonderwoman in Dundas Street, Dunedin

Wonderwoman and the Earnslaw Wonderwoman in Buller Street, Wellington Wonderwoman in Ponsonby

Wonderwoman and the old BNZ Rupert and the Ratana Church

Wonderwoman in Paris Wonderwoman and the Govett Brewster Gallery

Xena Over Backbeach Xena in Bridge St Xena and the Hapuka River Valley

Xena at Awakino (early morning) Gale Over Back Beach

Noddy in Port Chalmers Bruce! Should Have Brought a Coat

Blue Triangle Paintsplash

ET at Parliament Buildings Supergirl and the Holy Trinity Church

Doorway, Wanganui Valiant Spares The Black Cat Cafe

David Lange Victory Hovers Above with a Laurel Crown Marilyn Monroe

Pitone Road

High Street Hawera Fisherman F-One

Cape Egmont Rosie and Vladimir

Royal Carriage Train to New Lynn Tory Channel

Royal Visit - Capetown

Staircase - Wellington Sunset Over Taranaki

Halley's Comet over Hawera The All Blacks at Stonehenge Stairwell (Auckland)

Road to Manaia Aotea

Newsflash Space Capsule Robot on Parihaka Road

Mona Lisa and East Coast Hills Family of Man

The Evolution of Man

Stephanie Sam Hunt Billy T. James

Elvis - Secret Rotorua Visit Fred Dagg Moutoa Gardens - 1995

The Rainbow Warrior H. Child and Cassin Soldiers in the Bush

Lance Corporal Leader Jock Kirk - 1941 Landmined

Passing Through Palestine McGregor's Funeral Aleppo

Atlas in Christchurch Car Park Neon Cowboy

Rocket at Cape Egmont Flying Fish over Home Marching Girls

The Betrayal Elvis Presley and Planet Earth Glenda and Wiki

Muppets in Dawson Street Noddy, Mr Plod & the Vault Nite club Veronica & Betty in Herne Bay

Royal Carriage, No.2 ZZZT! Space Junk

Moon Through Doorway Blue Stamp

Superheroes in the U.K.

Kate Winslett at Aberystwyth Winona Ryder in Saxmundham

Scarlett Johannson at Glastonbury Abbey

Kermit and Saint Michael's Mount Wonderwoman in Spitalfields Wonderwoman in Cumbria

Supergirl in Lynmouth Supergirl in Blackpool

Batman and Robin and St Paul's Cathedral Batman in Glasgow Joanne Whalley in Grimsby

The Beach at Western Super Mare Supergirl over Windermere

Pipedream A Tale of Taranaki

A Little Experiment

Tons of the stuff
  A Shortfall in the Share Issue  
Panels from "Sir Jeremy"

Snap Harris 1 Snap Harris 2 Snap Harris 3
Snap Harris 4 Snap Harris 5

"Snap Harris" and later "Sir Jeremy" were both begun in
1988 as intended replacements for "Dick Sargeson".

Sir Jeremy 1 Sir Jeremy 2 Sir Jeremy 3
Sir Jeremy 4 Sir Jeremy 5 Sir Jeremy 6
Sir Jeremy 7 Sir Jeremy 8 Sir Jeremy 9
Sir Jeremy 10 Sir Jeremy 11

Dick Sargeson Episodes
"Dioxin Man" and "The Stone of Glotte"

Episode 28. The Stone of Glotte Episode 29. Dioxin Man Episode 35. Dioxin Man

Episode 49. The Stone of Glotte Episode 53. Dioxin Man Episode 54. Dioxin Man

Episode 55. The Stone of Glotte Episode 64. The Stone of Glotte Episode 4. The Stone of Glotte

See an article about this comic strip here

These are archival inkjet prints printed on cotton rag paper. Limited editions of 20 to 100.

Prints delivered safely in 80mm PVC tubing.

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